Destination Weddings

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Charleston wedding vendors get the luxury of working with couples from not only all over the US, but from all over the world. We enjoy helping our clients showcase the beauty of everything Charleston has to offer. Couples planning destination weddings expect that not living in the location they are getting married in, will complicate the planning process. Outside of having to make a couple weekend trips during your engagement, I find that planning a destination wedding can be just as straightforward and even more fun! 

Local Guidance

If you are planning a destination wedding in a city that you don’t have many connections with, it is especially important to have expert guidance from a local wedding planner. Local planners will be familiar with the best vendors and top venues to ensure your event is a success.

Guest Perspective

Depending on the location, hosting a destination wedding typically means your guests will incur more travel expenses than a local wedding. This can be a reason a couple may be reluctant to host a destination wedding. Destination weddings tend to have a lower guest acceptance rate but overall they are happy to spend a few extra dollars to get to experience a weekend in an amazing city. Due to the accessibility and the appeal of visiting Charleston, the industry standard is that the guest acceptance rate is barely lower for a destination wedding vs. a local event. Most couples also have family spread out throughout the country so many guests would have to travel long distances regardless and would prefer to visit a city they may have never had the opportunity to travel to before. 

Guest Experience

The excitement of a destination wedding is that you can incorporate the flair of the city into your big day. This can be through the food, cocktails, music, foliage, and scenery. One of my favorite ways to give your guests a feel for Charleston is to have a route for the transportation (trolleys are a fun Charleston option) from the hotel to the ceremony and reception locations, incorporating the most authentic streets in downtown. Riding your guests along the Battery, South of Broad or through Market Street, is a great way for them to see the city on their way to your celebration. 

Something else that is special about destination weddings, is that the guests are staying in the same place all weekend long. Instead of having to jam pack your wedding day, you can enjoy celebrating with your friends and family for an entire weekend. You can start with a welcome party as guests arrive into town and end with a farewell brunch to thank your guests before they travel home. 

Local vs. Destination

When making your decision on where to host your wedding, don’t stray away from the idea of an awesome destination city like Charleston. Hosting an out of town wedding here will be an unforgettable experience for your guests and an easy process for you!

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